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Combining data in new and innovative ways

SOFTWARE and DIGITALIZATION support for E&P Companies

InformatiQ is a Norwegian software company that delivers innovative solutions to support operations, especially related to drilling&well and supply chain.
Via our API’s we connect to multiple sources and contextualize the data in our cloud environment.
This makes it possible to secure and extract experience, insight, and learnings very efficiently.
The team consists of a very good mix of domain experts with long experience and skillful developers. This combination has led to a set of applications that supports decision making daily.
The InformatiQ product line is under continuous development. Below we have summarized some key takeaways for our main products


GeologiQ is a DIGITAL TWIN of an entire oilfield made using gaming technology

It is loaded with data and tools that assist DRILLING & WELL teams in every part of the WELL DELIVERY PROCESS

Infrastructure, geology and wells are visualized in an interactive 3Dmodel based on gaming technology.
Each asset in 3D are linked to a variety of metadata from multiple sources.
This gives the end user a “Field digital twin” or “Field atlas” with all the information available.
Existing customers use the tool for communication, collaboration, offset analysis, data search and so on.
The user community spans from drilling supervisors and engineers to communication departments.

GeologiQ was originally built as a visualization and collaboration tool, supporting the idea that a picture says more than a thousand words.
However, building the 3D model of an entire oilfield using real data soon required a lot of information from multiple sources.
Gradually the team discovered that there is potential of the solution which is a lot larger than the visualization and collaboration.
The possibility to combine, search and filter and cross reference data enables data driven decision making.
Combining this ability in a user-friendly 3D environment makes the tool extra powerful.


Offset Analyzer is a powerful tool for well planning and data-driven risk management

The application seamlessly integrates with existing data infrastructure, scans wellbore-specific data, summarizes findings, and speeds up future well modelling. Complex information becomes accessible and actionable. Integrated with GeologiQ or available as a standalone app, it helps E&P professionals to make better decisions faster



  • Gather insights quickly from Offset Wells Data
  • Identify challenges on Offset Wells
  • Review Offset Well Data in intuitive 2D/3D visualizations
  • Summarize findings in an understandable format
  • Speed up future well modeling with data-powered decision-making

Wellbook is a web based project planning tool customized to support any work processes

The initial development was based on a desire to digitize a process normally managed in spreadsheets. Wellbook is made by drilling engineers for drilling engineers. It can easily be adapted to client work processes like well planning, interventions, rig intakes etc.
The key in Wellbook are the activities (eg. tasks, meetings, decision gates). Each activity is linked to input, output (results), documentation, RACI roles, decisions, actions, minutes of meeting, comments, progress and of course a detailed description of how to perform the task.


The architecture of wellbook makes it possible to optimize each part of the planning process in a digitial way, step by step. Orchestrating the movement of data instead of documents.

logistiQ is a web based tool supporting the entire logistic process.
Seamlessly integrated with SAP/ERP.

Together with Deloitte we are combining the power of SAP with the flexibility of LogistiQ to create an integrated and user-friendly solution for the logistics operations in the energy sector.
The combined solution will ensure visibility across business units and operators. Seamless integration with 3rd party data, vendors and software will give auto cargo packages from vendor, real time track and trace and adjustment to actual time plans.
LogistiQ together with SAP/ERP will give one common solution for logistic management and overview for all parties involved. Please contact us for more information (

LogistiQ overview

Order a well in a day

Syna is a tool built on top of SAP to optimize the plan to pay processes especially for drilling and well operations. The portal makes it possible to automate the process from defining needs to invoice payment.

Syna provides one common platform for operator and supplier, providing real time update of services/materials and deliveries/dates, automating the budget, forecast and payment process. Securing full traceability from plan to payment and validation of contract

Syna is made to easily connect to other early phase planning tools that enables single point of entry, and minimize the hours used throughout the process.

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